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The current Clerk, Mr P DeBacker has tendered his resignation and the post will become vacant on 31 March 2018. For an idea of the Clerk's duties, please see the right-hand column of the home page of this website. Click here for more details.

The following are Councillors for Barton, Cambridgeshire.

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County Councillor elected on 4 May 2017
Mrs Lina Joseph (Hardwick Electoral Division)
Tel: 07402 351821 Email: Lina.Joseph(at)

District Councillor elected on 7 May 2015
Mr Francis Burkitt
Tel: 01223 840128 Email: francis.burkitt(at)

Parish Council also elected on 7 May 2015
Chairman:Mr Bev Edwards Email: edwardsbs(at)  Tel: 262479

Dr Andrew Friend  Tel: 262873
Mr Hugh Greenfield Tel: 262005
Miss Lorraine Mooney Tel: 07740 151274
Vice Chair: Dr Margaret Penston  Tel: 262465
Mr Mike Radford  Tel: 263423
Mr Nigel Siddall  Tel: 263373)
Mrs Sarah Thomas  Tel: 262660
Mrs Barbara Tomes  Tel: 262692

Clerk: Mr Patrick De Backer bartonpcclerk(at)  Tel: 07771 923710

Click here for photos of Barton Parish Councillors, June 2015

(For other contact information, please see the back cover of the latest Parish Magazine)

Councillor Register of Interests Click here for details. This link takes you to the Barton Parish Council page on the South Cambs website. Please click on the Councillor's name on the website to see their Register of interests.

Committees and Advisory Groups, 2015-16
Planning Cttee: BE, AF, HG, LM, MP, MR, NS, ST, BT
Recreation Ground Cttee: BE, AF, HG, LM, MP, MR, NS, ST, BT
Highways AG: BE, AF, HG, LM, MP, MR, NS, ST, BT
Barton Recreation Improvement Group rep – NS
Village Hall Committee Representative: BT
Neighbourhood Watch liaison: BE
Barton Energy Group – BE, AF, MR
Responsible Finance Officer: The Clerk to continue with Chairman in support.

Bank signatories 2014/15 BE, HG, MP, MR, NS

The Barton Recreation Ground Improvement Group (BRIG) is a separate body with representatives of sports people using the ground and whose major task is management of the Sports and Social Pavilion.

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