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The following are Councillors for Barton, Cambridgeshire.

Note that '@' in email addresses has been replaced by '(at)' to try to avoid web crawlers.

County Councillor, Hardwick Electoral Division elected on 4 May 2017
Lina Nieto
Tel: 07402 351821 Email: Lina.Nieto(at)

District Councillor, Harston and Comberton Ward elected on 3 May 2018
Mr Ian Sollom, Email: cllr.sollom(at)   Tel: 07722 065475
Mr Tony Mason, Email: cllr.mason(at)     Tel: 07432 779551
Mr Philip Allen, Email: cllr.allen(at)     Tel: 07963 526137

Parish Council also elected on 3 May 2018
Chair: Miss Lorraine Mooney,    Email:    Tel: 07740 151274
Vice Chair: Mr Jonathan Woods,, Tel: 07776 256081
Mr Jim Henton,, Tel: 264117
Mrs Natasha Hodge,, Tel: 262219
Mr John Howland Jackson,, Tel: 07887 897778
Dr Margaret Penston,, Tel: 262465
Mrs Sarah Pitchford,, Tel: 07816 495590
Mr Mike Radford,, Tel: 07774 186486
Mrs Martha Shedd,, Tel: 264722

For the register of members' interests click here for a link to the South Cambs website with full details.

Clerk: Mr Ian Minto,    Tel: 07742 256557

(For other contact information, please see the back cover of the latest Parish Magazine)

Committees and Advisory Groups, 2018-19
(to be confirmed)

Responsible Finance Officer: The Clerk to continue with previous Clerk in support.

Bank signatories (to be confirmed)

The Barton Recreation Ground Improvement Group (BRIG) is a separate body with representatives of sports people using the ground. The major task of BRIG is the management of the Sports and Social Pavilion.

(replace '(at)' with '@' in email address)

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